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Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

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Your Local Urgent Care Clinic – More Than Just Urgent Care

Many people think that walk-in clinics are only for medical emergencies that do not rise to the level of an emergency room.  However, they can be much more than that.  Urgent care centers can offer the same care provided at many primary care clinics without the weeks of waiting for an appointment. They can provide medical care for those out of town and they can also provide simple procedures where a visit to your primary care physician just isn’t needed.

At Internal Medicine Associates clinic you need not only have an emergency or sudden illness, we provide many other services.  Some of those services include:


  • Travel vaccines
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Occupational health services
  • Sports physicals
  • Primary care
  • Various medical testing
  • Immigration healthcare services
  • Diagnostic testing
  • X-rays


The Benefit to Using an Urgent Care Clinic

There are times where the emergency room isn’t the right place to go, such as when you do not have a life-threatening health problem.  At the same time however, your primary care clinic may be booked for weeks and they cannot fit you in.  If you have a sudden illness or injury that isn’t life threatening an urgent care clinic is the perfect option.

You are taken on a first-come first-served basis rather than on a triage basis like the emergency room.  At the same time, you can be seen when you come to the walk in clinic rather than having to wait for weeks.  If your child has an ear infection, you don’t want to wait three days to see a doctor.  You also don’t want to wait for hours on end in the emergency room.  It is with cases like this that urgent care is so useful.


Other Benefits to Using Urgent Care Clinic

Internal Medicine Associates Urgent Care Clinic is the perfect alternative if you are from out of town. If you are in a place where you don’t have a primary care physician and your injury doesn’t rise to the level of needing emergency care, an urgent care clinic is a solution to a very serious problem.  If you are on vacation and think you may have a sprained ankle you can take care of all of your health care needs in one place, from an initial consultation to the x-rays.

Finally, there are also times where you need something simple, such as a flu shot, but don’t want to spend the time going to your primary care physician.  At Internal Medicine Associates Urgent Care Clinic you can take care of minor medical procedures, such as getting blood drawn or getting a shot without scheduling it weeks in advance and waiting an hour or more in your primary care physician’s waiting room.

Going to the emergency room can involve hour upon hour of waiting if you do not have a serious, life threatening problem.  At the same time you may not be able to get to your primary care physician because they are either unavailable or you are out of town.  There may be other simple medical procedures where going to a primary care clinic is not the best option, such as getting blood drawn.  Internal Medicine Associates Urgent Care Clinic provides a complete array of services that proves that it isn’t just about emergency care, but about the most efficient care you can get.

Call Internal Medicine Associates Urgent Care Center today at 615 896-6446 today to answer any questions you may have or visit them directly at 451 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. Or reach the Smyrna, TN location at 615) 459-4686 or visit them directly at 121 Mayfield Drive Smyrna, TN 37167.

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