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Occupational Health Services

    • Occupational Health Services
      • Pre-employment physical
      • Drug Testing: Onsite and Offsite
      • DOT Physicals
      • Minor Trauma Treatment
      • Workman Compensation
      • Breathe Alcohol Testing
      • Smoking Cessation
      • Auto accidents
      • Back pain or strains
      • Knee, shoulder, ankle sprains
      • Complex non-plastic lacerations
      • Falls

We provide on-site vaccination services to reduce unproductive staff time.

    • Vaccination Services: Some of the vaccines include:
      • Influenza(Seasonal Flu Shot)
      • Yellow fever
      • Typhoid
      • Hepatitis A & B
      • Measles/Mumps/Rubella(MMR)
      • Meningitis
      • Other vaccines as needed

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, just Walk-in to any of our locations

Diagnostic Services

We have the following diagnostic equipment onsite. No more running around town, fighting traffic to get these tests!

      • X-Ray
      • Echocardiogram
      • Bone Density
      • Stress Test
      • Nerve Conduction
      • Ear Irrigation
      • EKG
      • PFT
      • Laboratory Services


Scheduled Appointments & Walk-In Occupational Clinic

We schedule patients to see our health providers any time during our business hours. However, our physicians recognize that unanticipated health care needs may arise. Walk-in to any of our offices for those unpredicted medical needs that your staff may have.